Ravago Shah Polymers offers a wide range of products made with d2w Controlled-life technology.

The choice on the type of material comes from analyzing the product’s end of life and disposal routes. By incorporating d2w, the product will now last a shorter time in the open environment than ordinary plastic. This can be a cost effective way of avoiding environmental impacts such as litter and pollution problems.

Our products are produced by factories qualified and certified by Symphony on degradability compliance. Feel free to contact us for quote enquiries.


Acumen also offers a comprehensive range of products for all your packaging needs. Our services also include conceptual and artwork design for plastic bags, paper bags, and PVC coated bags. All bags can be fully customized from the design to choice of material, to finishing, choice of handles and even the shape of the bags.

Our products are produced by factories which ensure only the best quality at a reasonable prices. Feel free to contact us for a quote.