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Warehouse and Factory at Ravago, where we manufacture, reprocess and distribute polymers across the world
Warehouse and Factory at Ravago, where we manufacture, reprocess and distribute polymers across the world
Warehouse and Factory at Ravago, where we manufacture, reprocess and distribute polymers across the world

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Ravago Shah Polymers is a joint venture between Ravago, a leading polymer distribution company based in Belgium and Shah Polymers, a prominent importer and distributor of engineering thermoplastics in India.

We specialize in supplying plastic resins and additives with regional presence across India.

manufacturing top quality grades, tolling and compounding in India manufacturing top quality grades, tolling and compounding in India




Our team is dedicated to ensuring that each product adheres to OEM's, tiers and moulders specifications in automotive projects.

We have maintained long standing relationships with several reliable names in the automotive sector by constantly improving our technical expertise, providing end-to-end logistics and expanding our portfolio of polymers for automotive applications.

We can also help optimize certain demands that you may face in the industry:

  1. Improve car safety.
  2. Cater to customer specifications more efficiently.
  3. Thorough due diligence to meet regulation standards.
  4. Make production more feasible.
  5. Reduce CO2 emissions.
  • Bumpers
  • Sun Visor
  • Water tank
  • HVAC parts
  • Lamp bezel
  • Connectors
  • Audio bezel
  • Wiper parts
  • Door handle
  • Front grills
  • Arm rest door
  • Ignition coil
  • Filter system
  • Sensor switch
  • Mirror housing
  • Window profile
  • Dashboard parts
  • Engine mounting
  • Shock absorbers
  • Console component
  • Plugs and switches
  • Wipers, wiper clips
  • Bracket handle holder
  • Under bonnet applications
  • Gas outlet pipe components
  • Air conditioning outlet component
  • Sabic
  • Covestro
  • Ravago Group
  • Lotte Advanced Materials
  • Trinseo
  • Mitsubishi Engineering Plastics
  • Toray


Ravago Shah Polymers commands an excellent relationship with its customers attributing to the growing market shares for all its products in India. The company is proud to be associated with a long list of eminent partners who value our relationship.


Ravago Shah Polymers has been one of our key suppliers of PC Diffusion Tube Light Grades and PC for LED bulbs which we make for a leading LED light manufacturer in India. We find their service and sales support excellent. They are available at any time to cater our needs and share an excellent rapport with our entire team

- Vikrant Rao, Director

Vidhata Plastics India Pvt Ltd

Ravago Shah Polymers has been our key suppliers of ABS Lumi series to IFB Industries ltd, Goa for washing machine components and we find their sales support to be excellent.

They are available at any time to support the requirement and they share an excellent rapport with our company and all our molders.

- Sushant V Manerkar , AGM Vendor Development

IFB Industries Ltd

Initially we had faced problems with production due to shortage of material from different suppliers, but ever since we started working with Ravago Shah Polymers that has never been a problem anymore. They always ensure we get our material at the RIGHT time and RIGHT quality while offering reasonable prices. We are grateful to their flexible payment terms and cooperative culture that is not found amongst other suppliers.

Thanks to Ravago Shah Polymers we have reduced costs and increased our production speed.

- Dinesh Gupta, Director

BKB Extrusion


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Inauguration of the Ravago Manufacturing India Plant

Ravago recently launched their first manufacturing footprint in India at Vadodara. Globally, Ravago specializes in reprocessing and compounding plastics. At this plant, we have started producing PC, ABS, Nylons, PP & POM to cater to the increasing demand of the Indian Market.

MAY 2018

Successfully Executed ABS Orders for Electronic Voting Meter Components

Election Commission of India (ECI) has requirement for EVM for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in which ABS FR and ABS Non-FR are being used for the body parts of EVM.

We have successfully supplied the material to the moulders who are supplying it to the government bodies nominated by ECI for the procurement.

APRIL 2018

Replaced Metal with Polyamide 6 in Major Japanese 2-Wheelers in North India

Body parts of motorcycles which are made of metal require heat stability and good dimensional stability hence we have assisted the OEM in the selection of raw materials for the replacement of that part with suitable plastic after multiple iterations. This offers design-freedom and a lightens the weight of the vehicle.



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